What to do with an old camera?

I have been a canon user for some time, and I have either been very lucky with the cameras that I purchased, or canon makes awesome cameras. The first dslr that I purchased from canon was the canon rebel. The original one. I bought one in 2003, and at the time it retailed for $899.00. The unique thing about this camera is, it was the first dslr with an interchangeable lens to be offered at less than $1000.00. It was quite a bargain in its day.

Fast-forward 10 years, (consumer electronics don’t hold their value over time very well) I have used the rebel to the max. It is dented, scratched, the leather/rubber handgrip is peeling away, it shows many battle scars, but it still keeps working like the day I bought it. I thought briefly about selling it, but I would only get (maybe) a hundred bucks. That amount just didn’t seem to be worth it to me. So, instead, I sent it off to Lifepixel (www.lifepixel.com). LifePixel converts cameras to “see” in Infrared light only.
For a couple hundred bucks, they installed an opaque infrared filter over the sensor of the rebel. That filter cuts out almost all the visible light to the camera so it only can “see” infrared.

My camera is now sensitive to light form 850nm to around 1200nm. Before the conversion it was sensitive from about 350nm to 850nm (here is a little more info if you want to learn more about light color).

Here are some samples from my infrared camera.
light at the end of the tunnel



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