Who I am

Who I am

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Thanks for visiting my little corner of the web.

I have a similar story to many other photographers; it’s nothing special really. I took a High School Photography and Darkroom class, and it completely changed my life. I loved shooting; I loved the working in the darkroom. I mean, I literally couldn’t spend enough time honing the craft.That was almost 20 years ago. I married Andrea in 2001, and she tolerates my obsession. We have a daughter who is just now entering the pre-teen years. In 2002 we started a photography studio, and we worked it until 2012, when we decided that a change of scenery was in order.
So, now I have a job at a portrait studio, doing pretty much the same thing that I have done for the past 20. We learned a lot starting and operating a business, we spent a lot of money. I also took a lot of pictures. By my count in Lightroom, I have over a million images since converting to digital. I know the actual number is much higher when you add all the film I shoot.
I know a little bit about photographing weddings; we were shooting almost 50 events a year at our peak. I am unsure of the exact number right

off hand, but I have photographed about 300 weddings. I keep thinking that I might have seen it all (especially craziness in weddings) but, I just keep getting surprised. I think that is one of the aspects that I have always enjoyed, you just never can predict what might happen. Plus I have made a ton of friends along the way; some were clients, some were other wedding vendors. There is something special when a couple asks you to share what they hope will be one of the happiest

and most important days in their life. The couple who hires me has no idea of what is going on, not really, most have not been married before…they end up relying on the photographer and other wedding vendors to help the

m get through the day. When the couple pulls a good team together, that is where the magic really happens. I have been a part of more than a few of those. I have been published in several magazines. Although, I haven’t found a consistent

way to being published regularly. I am not one for shameless self-promotion, I am just a guy who experiences the world through a camera lens and a thick fog of Dektol. Thumbs up to those of you who know what Dektol is without googling it.    🙂
If you would like to get in front of a camera, drop me a line I’d love to work with you![contact_form]
phone: 870.405.8792
skype: benjaminjamesking1




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