Best battery holder ever

I shoot quite a bit, most weeks I shoot 5-10 sessions. I also shoot a little of everything, from weddings, portraits, even some commercial work. This kind of schedule has me shooting on location quite frequently, and I tend to shoot a lot of strobist style lighting. Small light-weight speed-lights, minimal gear, etc. etc. I say “minimal” but that still means carrying a lot of gear. And a lot of batteries. I spent several years, trying to keep good batteries separated from the spent ones, and they would almost always get mixed up before then of a shoot.  I tried the little plastic cases, but they would eventually pop open and spill batteries inside the camera bag.
Here is a simple DIY project that will solve that problem. Pick up some simple elastic webbing at any craft store ( I found it in Wal-mart) and use a stapler to make slots for the batteries to fit in to. If batteries are in the elastic holders, they are good. when I have used the batteries they go in one of the compartments in my bag. I always know which batteries are good and which batteries are spent.

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