Birding with a Canon 400 2.8


I woke up at 5 am this morning (Andrea was not so Happy. LOL) and took advantage of a  Canon 400 2.8 and a 2x teleconverter that fell in my lap ( thanks Adam). The plan was to go to the greenway by the house and photograph a blue heron that lives there.

The first animal i saw was a small rabbit. _MG_9198


Then i got to the greenway and saw a blue heron in the creek, and as soon as it saw me lift the camera it flew away. Typical. They are the shyest birds i have ever seen.

I then continued to walk the greenway looking for any song birds or water fowl, and found a few….

_MG_9199 _MG_9271

 _MG_9269  _MG_9241 _MG_9248 _MG_9252Then I saw the blue heron again, but i could only see it through the lens, it was too far away to see with the naked eye! I of course started walking towards it, and as soon as i did it started walking  away from me,,,   so i snapped a few frames…_MG_9495

As soon as the camera clicked he flew away, and i followed, got a little closer this time,,,

_MG_9511 _MG_9507 _MG_9510

and he flew away again, this time i could not follow any more. then I walked the rest of the trail.

_MG_9276 _MG_9284 _MG_9291 _MG_9303

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