Bleached Cypress Tree

Recently I sold my 4×5 studio camera and purchased a 4×5 field camera. I ended up settling with a Penta 45f which is a copy of the Wista 45 field camera.  The camera was heavily used – the bellows were all torn up, and leaked significantly. I ordered a new bellow for the camera and this was from my first excursion to test the camera. No light leaks, so that is great, but I did have a little trouble during the development – I did not use enough developer, and the right side of the negative did not get developed.  I still ended up liking the tones and contrast in the image, so I thought i would share. 

Bleached Cypress Tree, Norfork Lake, Arkansas. Penta 45F + Schneider Kreuznach Symmar 150mm f/5.6 + Artista EDU 400

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