Boxley Valley – Trip 2

Trip number two was a little bit of a bust. It is a two hour drive from Mountain Hime to Ponca, and when sunrise is on the agenda, that is a rough drive. It is much easier to make the drive there and back when everything pans out and you get what you came for. I woke up early, a round 4 am, so that I could plan on arriving in Ponca before 7 am. It had rained the night before, and was still raining a little on the drive to Ponca, and that was a good thing, usually, rain and lower temperatures will keep the elk out in the open a little longer. It should have been a perfect time for viewing elk. the time of year is right, the weather is right. perfect time of day. But not this time, when I arrived in Ponca and started down 43 to see the elk, there was just nothing going on. No herds out today. I saw a few lone bulls here and there, but no real action to photograph. On the way back I stopped to take a few landscape images. Well… Hopefully next time out I’ll have better luck. Just goes to show, You can do all the planning, and everything seems favorable, and for some reason nothing pans out.

I still got to see a few elk, and got a nice view of farms and the passing storms, so at least its not a total loss.







One thought on “Boxley Valley – Trip 2

  1. Hi Ben!

    I enjoyed seeing the picture of the Elk. Sorry about your trip not delivering some good action shots but what you captured was very worthwhile.



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