Camping in Haw Creek Arkansas

Camping is an activity that has been a part of my life since i was very young and in boy scouts. In the past, I would go camping 6 to 12 times a year. I often now go camping to reach places that I would not be able to photograph without an overnight trip. We have recently moved to Arkansas, and even though we have lived here for more than a year, we have not have had an opportunity to get out for a weekend.


I finally had a weekend that would work, but the time would be tight, because of things going on, we would not be able to leave for our trip until 2pm on Saturday. That is a little late to go camping, it did not leave time to hike in to any spots, so we were tailgate camping.  We have had an incredible amount of rain this summer. I was looking for a campground in the Buffalo River area, and I wanted a waterfall nearby. I found that Haw Creek Campground in St. Francis National Park met all of those wants.

Even though we have had a ton of rain, the water levels in Haw Creek were low.

Haw Creek Falls
Haw Creek Falls













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