Canon’s New 6D


The first of the year I broke down and purchased the new 6D from Canon. I have been shooting a Canon 5D and 7D for quite sometime. The 7D is about 2 years old and the 5D is a little more than 7 years old. It was probably about time for an upgrade for the 5D, but that camera has served me so well over the years, and I had a tough time finding a camera that I thought warranted an upgrade. I had originally set out to buy a 5dmkiii, and i actually tried to buy one, but they were out of stock, etc. I borrowed an evaluation 5dmkiii, and tried it out for 2 weeks, and that made me decide to wait till I could find one to buy. Shortly afterwards, Canon announced that the 6D would be released and I decided from the specs, that it might be worth waiting for.

Long story short, after seeing some images from the 6D, and after MUCH deliberation, I picked one up. At the list price of $2099.99, it is a great camera. It is very similar to the original 5D auto-focus. Auto-focus speed seems just a tad quicker, but the accuracy is much improved. It more accurately lock focus than any other Canon i have used (other than the 5dmkiii). The real difference for this camera is the image quality. It has very similar image performance to the 5dmkiii. High ISO noise is very well controlled.

Here are some sample shots The first one is at 3600 ISO, the second one is at ISO 100.

1/125 @ f5.6 ISO 3600
5 second exposure @ f5.6 ISO 100


Here are the same images with a little noise reduction/sharpening :



I am having to look really hard to tell the difference between 100 and 3600 ISO. that surprised me. Since it is hard to tell them apart on the web resolution files here is a screen shot fo the two files side by side at 100%:

Screen Shot 2013-01-06 at 7.57.19 PM


  • Fast/accurate auto focus
  • very sharp images
  • excellent high ISO performance
  • Built in WIFI
  • Built in GPS
  • center focus point -3 ev sensitivity


  • SD Card rather than compact flash
  • multi-directional button has been removed
  • wifi/gps uses up the battery really fast
  • 11 auto-focus points

I am really looking forward to fully testing this camera and seeing what it can do. I’ll keep you posted.


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