Gone Fishing.

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In the Drink

Camera fell in to the water

I was out at Dry Run Creek yesterday. Since we had nice overcast skies, I thought I would shoot a few moving water images. I planned to shoot 4×5 large […]

Red Bank Access at night

Mountain Home Photographer

Last summer we were out exploring the area, and stumbled across the ruins of an old house near Red Bank Access in Gamelia, Arkansas. I have been planning on going […]

The Analog Camera

    Digital capture has completely changed photography. The digital won, it is cheaper, quicker, and easier to work with, more accessible to everyone. There are almost no downsides when […]

Lemonade, anyone?

Elk In Ponca

      Sometimes, it seems, the world is just out to get you. There is just no escaping it. All of the plans set in advance just wiped away […]

Amazing Sky

    Quick post. I was out driving around last week, and there were some really awesome clouds. I could not help but stop and grab a few shots.   […]

How to photograph birds

How to photograph birds in their natural habitat   I have been shooting a ton of birds lately, partly because I have recently acquired a 300/2.8 and a 2x teleconverter; […]

Winter in the Ozark Mountains

Old man winter continues to pound us here in Northern Arkansas. We have accumulated a few more inches of snow over the last week,and there is more forecasted early next […]

Backyard Birds

I spent a few more hours out in the snow viewing more birds. All images were made with a canon 6d + tokina 300/2.8 + 2x TC. Most images were […]

Fall in the Ozarks

  The weather patterns are so unpredictable. It is still fall, and we got 8-10 inches of snow and ice over the past several days. It was quite a treat […]

What I am thankful for

We set aside this day every year to reflect on what we have to be thankful for. Growing up I always thought this holiday was a little sappy, a little […]

My Favorite time of year

  This is my favorite time of the year. The oppressive heat of summer finally broke a few weeks ago, and last night a cold front moved through and brought […]

Stuck in a rut?

rut 1  (rt) n. 1. A sunken track or groove made by the passage of vehicles. 2. A fixed, usually boring routine. be (stuck) in a rut: 1. to do […]

Best battery holder ever

I shoot quite a bit, most weeks I shoot 5-10 sessions. I also shoot a little of everything, from weddings, portraits, even some commercial work. This kind of schedule has me shooting on […]

Getting Better

There are many ways to improve your photography. Practice makes perfect, they say. Looking at other art work is probably one of the most under-rated ways to grow your photography. Here’s the catch, though: […]

Fun at f/1.2 on a budget

Seems like everyone wants to shoot images with a very shallow depth of field (Dof). Depth of field is defined as: “In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF) is the distance […]

Film is not dead.

This is not a debate in the Digital vs. Film argument.  For the most part, Digital Technology has effectively killed traditional film work in the consumer market and in the […]

Color or black and white?

There are not any true “rules” in photography, except that if you open up one f-stop you have to compensate by changing your iso or shutter speed to maintain equivalent exposure. Everything else is […]


2012 brought so many changes. We put our house up for sale, thinking that we would move somewhere. We were not sure where, we were just ready for a change. […]

Photographing the Night Sky

Photographing at night can be one of the most rewarding genera of photography. It can also be one of the most challenging. The inability to see is the greatest problem, […]

Searching for Waterfalls

One of my favorite things to photograph is water. I love being outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. So, it makes a little sense that quite a bit of my time […]

Chasing the Light

Here one from the archives. This is from a family trip to the smokies.  We were taking an early morning drive through Cades Cove, when suddenly the clouds and fog […]

Moonrise over the White River

  Since moving here, I have found a nice and easily accessible area that overlooks the White River. I ran out here a few days ago just before sunset, and waited till […]

Another Shot from Parker

I just got my film back from Parker Falls. This was taken with:Canon Elan IIe17-40 LEktar 100 color filmB&W ND110 (10 stop neutral density filter)CPLGitzo Explorer Tripod

Parker Falls

It has been a little cooler after the storms moved through a few days a go, so i decided to take a quick excursion to Parker Falls in the Sipsey. […]

Kenlock Falls

I have been way behind on my blog, sorry 🙂 These images are from Kenlock Falls in Bankhead National Forrest in July of 2010. View Kenlock Falls in a larger […]

Kenlock Falls

I have been way behind on my blog, sorry 🙂 These images are from Kenlock Falls in Bankhead National Forrest in July of 2010. View Kenlock Falls in a larger […]