Cold Afternoon in Arkansas

I got to go out for a bit over the weekend to try out the new Canon 6D that I just got. This was the first chance that I have to really put the camera through real world shooting. It performed a little better than I thought it would. I did have a little difficultly understanding exactly how to set up the Wi-Fi and connect, and it was a little difficult (mostly because of the meaningless instructions  and i was thinking that with the Wi-Fi so difficult to set up, I would not be using it much. When I arrived on site, it connected just as it should (it remembered my ipad, and connected automatically) and worked great. I have wanted to use an iPod/iPhone as a remote trigger with access to the live view for quite some time. Each of these shots below is very low perspective (I would have actually had to lay down on the ground to view through the viewfinder or the live view. The IPod connected by wife made this much easier.

The image quality was (as expected) amazing. There is virtually no noise in the ISO 100 setting. The files are considerably sharper than the original 5d. I think they look better than the 7d as well.




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