Color or black and white?

Usually, when I go out out shoot, I have a plan. I usually have at least a rough idea of what I want to shoot. I scout areas ahead of time, and return when the light is right, and when other conditions are right. I am always looking for other opportunities as well, and plans can change and grow as I shoot.
Here is one of those times. We live near the Norfork Dam, and I spent a fair amount of time there fishing and such. It is a really neat looking dam, but I have never seen any really nice images of it. Turns out, it is fairly difficult to make an interesting image of. I thought I would get there on a heavy overcast day, use a 10 stop neutral density filter and let the water blur, with the moodiness of the over cast day in black-and-white. Can you see it? I could.

[nggallery id=6]

But, when i got there, the clouds broke and this awesome color bloomed on the clouds. I still used the 10 stop filter and I added a circular polarizer to remove the refections. It was a 30 second exposure at f4 is0200.
So, what do you think? High contrast black and white or color? I think i still like the black and white better. Happy Shooting.

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