Eagle’s nest in Mountain Home, Arkansas

Since I have moved here, I have been hearing that there are bald eagles that winter here. I have been looking for their nest since. I finally found it Yesterday! The light was horrible, heavy overcast and very dark…. but my goal out was just to find the nest. It was so dark i was shooting at 2000 iso just to get to 500th of a second! (and that is not even fast enough to catch the birds as they move around.
When we arrived at the nest, we could see one eagle sitting on the nest. After waiting for about a half hour, another eagle flew up and proceeded to feed the eaglets that were in the nest. We could hear the chirping as soon as the eagle flew up. I am looking forward to getting out when the light is better and seeing what I can get. Hope you enjoy the pictures from today.


Eagle flying over moutnain home

Eagle landing in tree





4 thoughts on “Eagle’s nest in Mountain Home, Arkansas

  1. Thankd you for sharing your pics. All things considered, as you described, pics are decent. Have you found many places in your area with Bald Eagles?

    1. Thanks for the Comment, i have only found the one nest as of now. i know that there are more, and in and around town you will see a bald eagle flying around in the winter time if you are looking. they are fairly common here.

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