Elk fight in Boxley Valley

benjamin king photography ponca arkansas boxley valley

I went out to Ponca this morning for a day of Elk photography and Fall color shooting. We arrived in Ponca/Boxley Valley area about 15 minutes before 7 am. It was still very dark, We could not see anything really. We managed to find one fair sized herd of elk, but since it was so dark out we could not really tell what we were looking at. One fo the great things about modern digital cameras is their ability to see in very low light. In fact, they can “see” much better in the dark than I can. I had pulled out the camera and tripod and set it to 102,400 iso, just to use the camera as a spotting scope/night vision scope  to see how many elk were in the field. As I was panning through the fields I came across a bull fight in progress and managed to grab a few video frames. This video is shot at 1/30 of a second at f5.6 (wide open for this 400mm lens) and at ISO 102,400. The quality is not good, but I actually got to witness 2 large bulls fighting, I have been wanting to see a bullfight since i found out about the elk here, and I just happened to stumble in to one. Awesome.




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