Elk watching in Boxley Valley, Arkansas – Trip #3

My 3rd trip out to Boxley Valley proved to be quite a bit more exciting than last time. There were quite a few herds out in the fields in different areas in along the valley. The elk really like the lower temperatures and the rain that we had last night. There was a very large herd of elk in the first field when you drive into the valley.  We kept going through the valley, just to see what was going on, and we saw several small groups and several lone bulls wondering the valley. Eventually we came across a medium sized herd, the there were several bulls that were bugling and counter-bugling. I was really hoping to see a bullfight, or even some sparing, and if we were going to see any this was probably the spot. Sadly, though, no bull flights. The herd bull spent a fair amount of time chasing the other bulls that were there around, but none were willing to stand up to him. I did manage to get some shots of the herd bull bugling with his breath showing in the cold air. That was one that was on my list.

On the way back home we stopped in Harrison, where the Harvest Homecoming was taking place on the square. Caite was happy, she found that there was someone there with a facepainting booth.


















2 thoughts on “Elk watching in Boxley Valley, Arkansas – Trip #3

  1. Hi Ben, Andrea & Catie!

    Boy those Elk are big critters. The bugling must be a very unusual sound. Thanks
    for sharing these nice picture from your day. I see a coat on Catie and the breath of the
    elk. It must have turned cool up your way. It was 82 here this afternoon but now it is 60
    and windy. I hope you all have a great week. Catie I like your Lady bug face picture.

  2. I think it was a butterfly. I like it whatever it is. I liked the elk but I,m sure it its more exciting to hear and see them. Where was the picture of the clouds. That was really impressive to me, but then, I really like things like that. Love, Mom Joyce

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