Fall in the Ozarks


The weather patterns are so unpredictable. It is still fall, and we got 8-10 inches of snow and ice over the past several days. It was quite a treat for me and my family. Growing up in Huntsville, Alabama we did not see snow very often, and anything more than an inch or two was very rare indeed. Photographing in snow has provided me with much greater challenges than i thought it would. Obviously, the cold weather has it’s own unique challenges, and just cold weather is not really a problem for me. Blowing snow gets in everything. similar to sand, but then it melts. I was out shooting with my 300/2.8 and got covered in snow while shooting. when I came in and everything started melting water slipped inside then lens and started condensing on the inside elements. I was sure that I bricked the lens. I ended up taking it all apart, carefully removing the lens elements with a spanner wrench, and was able to dry it all out. Luckily, I was able to put it all back together.
Aside from the physical challenges to shooting in the snow, finding good compositions was also a bit difficult.  Finding interest and good storytelling elements in a snow covered scene can be a little more difficult than i expected. I ended up focusing on the local wildlife. We have a ton of songbirds here, and they were all trying to find the little bit of food that was around. I put out a little bird seed and waited.

ozark_winter-001  ozark_winter-025

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