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Fields of Daises in Cades Cove during spring.
Fields of Daises in Cades Cove during spring.

There are many ways to improve your photography. Practice makes perfect, they say. Looking at other art work is probably one of the most under-rated ways to grow your photography. Here’s the catch, though: You have to look at art work critically to gain insight. You have to tear images apart. Look at the compositions, learn what makes it work. or maybe more important: why it dosen’t work. And, if you are talking to the photographer who took the image (online or in-person) you need to be able to offer constructive criticisms. Looking at an image and saying, “this is is no good”, or “this image is amazing” is not helpful. Why is good/not good? Here are 10 Questions to use when viewing other works of art that will help you improve your photography:

10 Questions

  1. Where is the visual weight?
  2. Are there any distracting elements?
  3. Is the exposure correct?
  4. Appropriate use of focal length?
  5. Are there elements in the Foreground, Middle and Background?
  6. Composition and Balance?
  7. Was there post production done on photograph? Is it appropriate?
  8. Appropriate use of depth of field?
  9. How original is the photograph?
  10. Is the color accurate/appropriate?

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