Great Smoky Mountain National Park – One of my favorite places to visit.


One of my favorite destinations for photography, and best of all it was right in my back yard. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is located in Eastern Tennessee and the western side of North Carolina. The actual park is pretty big, a little over 800 square miles. With over 9 million Tourists every year the park can get pretty crowed during peak times. The fall will be the busiest time with winter being the slowest.

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There are many opportunities to photograph in any season. Everything from wildlife to landscapes the park system has much to offer. Each season has it’s own personality and you will have no problems finding something to shoot when you go. I have stayed in every season; I have stayed in local hotels and at RV campgrounds. I have even used primitive campsites on several occasions. All were great trips. If you have never been, you should definitely plan a trip as soon as you can.

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