In the Drink

In the Drink

I was out at Dry Run Creek yesterday. Since we had nice overcast skies, I thought I would shoot a few moving water images. I planned to shoot 4×5 large format film. My 4×5 camera is very large, and excessively heavy. After setting up the first shot, I moved the tripod a little, and the screw that attaches the camera to the tripod broke, and the whole camera fell into the water. Completely Submerged. I was a little upset to say the least.
When I pulled the camera out, at least a gallon of stream water flowed from the bellows. I was surprised that no trout jumped out of it.
Once I finished fishing the camera from the creek, I finished my walk and came home. I took the camera apart as soon as I got inside. Luckily, there are no electronics in this camera, it is fully mechanical. Everything looked OK, the only thing that i was worried about was the lens and shutter. Once the  lens was apart, all the glass dried nicely. The shutter, however was a little more difficult. After spending time in a bag with a hair dryer blowing on it for about 30 minutes it dried out nicely as well. I suppose I am lucky that it was the 4×5 that fell in the creek and not the digital SLR that fell in. There is no way the digital would have escaped a fall like that unscathed 😉
Interestingly, this marks the 4th camera that has been completely submerged in a body of water, it is one of the hazards when photographing moving water or boating, I suppose.







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  1. Wow, Sorry for the camera getting dunked but sounds like the old technology
    is much more bullet proof than the new. Great Pictures of the running waters.


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