Moonrise over the White River


Since moving here, I have found a nice and easily accessible area that overlooks the White River. I ran out here a few days ago just before sunset, and waited till the sun had actually gone below the horizon (some call this blue hour).  I was using a 5d and a 14mm f/2.8 and still was not wide enough to catch the bend in the river, so this is a composite panoramic image made from 9 images as i panned across the scene. Images were aligned in Photoshop CS6, then adjustments were made to tone/color/contrast in lightroom4.


Moonrise over the White RiverCanon 5d, 14 f2.8exposure: 1/5 secf stop: 8iso: 125
Moonrise over the White River
Canon 5d, 14 f2.8
exposure: 1/5 sec
f stop: 8
iso: 125

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