More from the Bald Eagles in Mountain Home, Arkansas


Over the past couple of weeks, we have had many nice warm, sunny days. Perfect for watching and photographing eagles. I have spent a few evenings waiting around the nest to catch a few shots of them flying in, bringing food for the chicks. We have heard a chorus of eaglets drop to just one chirping when food is brought to the nest. I am pretty sure that there is only one eaglet that has survived. It seems pretty common for the oldest chick to kill off it’s competitors.

Lately, the parents have been spending more and more time away from the nest. during the last few trips out, There were many times where both parents where not sitting on the nest. There is always at least one of the parents near the nest, but not always sitting on the nest. I actually saw the eaglet poke his head above the rim of the nest and take a good look around.






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