My Favorite time of year


This is my favorite time of the year. The oppressive heat of summer finally broke a few weeks ago, and last night a cold front moved through and brought temps down to low 50’s. Pretty soon the leaves will be falling, the days getting shorter and shorter. With the rain that we have had, we should see some really nice color. Some of the trees in my yard are already starting to show some color from the cooler temperatures at night.
Looking forward to some bonfires in the backyard and to getting out a few weekends and doing a little camping. There are so many things that will be going on this season. I have plans to shoot the country side during ( at least near) peak colors, the trout head back up stream to spawn, the changes in the weather usually bring sensational storms that can be truly beautiful and terrifying to watch and photograph.
It will all change so fast, and last year I missed most of it… I was busy at work, busy with family, looking for a new house starting a new job…. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to get out there.



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