Mysterious Ruins on Norfork Lake

Near one of the access points on Norfork Lake, I found the ruins of an old house. I have searched around for some information about the history of this structure, but I have found nothing about it. I have been told that there were many structures flooded when the dam was built in the 40’s, and I am sure this was one of them. I waited to photograph this when the water levels were a little lower in the lake so the entire house would be out of the water. The photograph of the house was taken with a Cambo 45n + Schneider Kreuznach Symmar-S 5 135mm/5.6 at f32 with an 8-second exposure on Fuji Provia 100.

Reflections of Sunset, Red Bank Access. Bronica ETRs + Zenzanon MC 150/3.5 + Fuji Velvia 50

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