Lens Hacking – the easy way

I became interested in photography when I was going through High School. I spent the first two years working in the schools darkroom (read: storage closet that also held a photographic enlarger). I also spent those first two years borrowing a Pentax K100o. Shortly before graduation, my Grandfather gave me an older Revuflex T SLR […]

Stargazing – Photographing the night sky

Last week, We had a storm move through and it reduced the humidity in the air, and cleared all the clouds away. Perfect time to get out at night and photograph the night sky. I met up with a friend, and we ran out to shoot. We picked a location with a view of the […]

In the Drink

I was out at Dry Run Creek yesterday. Since we had nice overcast skies, I thought I would shoot a few moving water images. I planned to shoot 4×5 large format film. My 4×5 camera is very large, and excessively heavy. After setting up the first shot, I moved the tripod a little, and the […]

Eagle bringing a kill to the nest

I have been trying to get a shot of one of the eagles flying to the nest with a fresh kill for some time. I have seen them fly in several times, and I either don’t have a clear view of them, or the images that I do get are soft, or some other technical […]

Red Bank Access at night

Last summer we were out exploring the area, and stumbled across the ruins of an old house near Red Bank Access in Gamelia, Arkansas. I have been planning on going back to it to shoot the Milky Way rising behind it. Since there is almost no light there (and to the south of this location […]

Falling Water Falls, Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

So… funny story. I wanted to go shoot some waterfalls last weekend and I convinced the family that it would be a good idea for us to visit a waterfall or two on Sunday. We decided that Falling Water Falls was a good one. I had seen pictures of this waterfall online, and heard many […]

The Analog Camera

    Digital capture has completely changed photography. The digital won, it is cheaper, quicker, and easier to work with, more accessible to everyone. There are almost no downsides when compared to traditional wet chemistry. For me however, there still is value to be gained from taking a craft and reducing it to the very […]