Parker Falls

It has been a little cooler after the storms moved through a few days a go, so i decided to take a quick excursion to Parker Falls in the Sipsey. We left at 5 am so that we could arrive at the falls just after sunrise. It turned out to be a overcast day, so the early morning was wasted….

It is a pretty easy trail to walk, it can be a bit difficult to find the trailhead if you dont know what you are looking for.

Here is one of the images from Parker.

I have included a gps track of the walk. it was just a bit less than one mile to get to the falls. The trail in not  marked at all, so pay attention as you walk in, it would suck to get lost. I know that this is not an official park trail, and i am pretty sure that it is just a game trail that a few people have made wider.

View Parker Falls in a larger map

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