Photographing birds with Wifi

I have a ton of song birds around our property. If you have ever tried to photograph any songbirds you know that they can be tough to get a nice shot of, especially if you are not interested in “feeder” pictures. To get great shots of small song birds you must get close, and that is a problem. Many people will photograph from a blind, but i don’t have one. But, my canon 6d is equipped with remote control over a Wifi through a tablet or phone.  I set a perch up in our yard near a feeder that the birds tend to like, then set my camera and tripod up a few feet away and connected the wifi control over a tablet. I then went away, and waited up on our deck about 75 feet away and waited for the birds to come. It didn’t take too long before this little chickadee came around for some birdseed.  This is all just a proof of concept, and I think it worked pretty well, in all I sat out for about 40 minutes and only saw this little chickadee. Looking forward to trying it again. What do you think?







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