Photographing Eagles at Reelfoot Lake





Honestly, I love to photograph anything. The more challenging the subject the better, but anything will do. Huntsville
Alabama has a very active population of photographers. I was involved in a few groups, and had quite a few friends that were also photographers. There was always something going on, always someone that was going to shoot something. A friend invited me to Reelfoot Lake to shoot for a few days…. I jumped at the opportunity to get out and shoot something out of my comfort zone with a friend.

The plan was to arrive on Sunday and shoot until Monday night so that I could be back at work on Tuesday morning. I was about a 4-hour drive, so to maximize my shooting time I started my drive at around 5:30 am. I arrived at Reelfoot Lake at just before 10 am. I was a nice sunny day, with the temperature staying around 35-40 degrees, but there was a tremendous amount of wind, and the wind chill was significant on any exposed skin.
Just after arriving at the Reelfoot Wildlife Refuge I saw a bald eagle for the first time in the wild. There is just nothing quite like seeing wildlife in their natural environment, it does not compare to seeing them in a cage in the zoo. I spent a few hours driving around, getting my bearings, stopping to photograph when I could get relatively close. Right from the start, I saw several eagles very close and got some really nice images.

The whole reason I was even here was that my friend (and photographer) Jens, invited me to come shoot eagles with him for the weekend. Check out his blog here –

I ended up making my way to the spillway, on the southern end of Reelfoot Lake, looking for an eagle’s nest that I had heard about. I ended up meeting Jens here and we ended up spending the rest of the day looking for and shooting eagles. We spent most of our time on the first day at a nest just across the boarder in to Kentucky.  On the second day we spent a fair amount of time at the nest, and a little time on the waters edge; photographing seagulls grabbing bread out of the water.

Getting out to shoot, especially, a subject that is technically difficult to photograph and outside of my specialty was just what I needed.

Check back tomorrow, I’ll be posting the landscape images that i took on this trip 🙂

Eagles Flying over Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee
Eagles Flying over Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee
This eagle was flying in and out of the nest for much of the time we were out here.
As we were waiting for the eagles to fly in or out of the nest, this group of pelicans flying north passed near us.





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