2012 brought so many changes. We put our house up for sale, thinking that we would move somewhere. We were not sure where, we were just ready for a change. Our house was on the market for about 6 months,and during that time I got an offer for  position as a photographer in another state. So,  I closed my studio in Huntsville, Alabama and moved 425 miles away from the place i called home for almost 30 years. The rest of my family followed in a few weeks. As I settle into the transition from an owner/operator to employee, I have been taking stock on the images from the last few years.
Looking through my work, I have noticed that I tend to shoot wide, whole picture kinda thing. I look through my images and realize that there are  so many times where I missed the tighter detail shots because I was too focused on the big picture. I shoot a lot of  prime lenses and it seems that the majority of my images are from the 14/2.8 and the 35/2.8.  So, one of my projects for this year, is to spend a bit more time focusing on the details, getting out of my comfort zone. Spending more time shooting tighter, looking for the details.

The following images are from a camping trip that I went on with my wife and daughter. One of my favorite places, Sipsey Wilderness Area, near Double Springs, Alabama. We Camped near the falls, the plan was to walk-in (not a very long walk-about an hour with all the gear, and Caitlyn stopping to look at every creature that she found), set up camp and photograph at first light.  The light is brilliant for waterfalls at first light. It can be tough to shoot waterfalls that early because you either have to camp there overnight or hike a path in the dark (which can be  treacherous and/or out right dangerous).


Mize Mills Falls. Sipsey Wilderness Area, Alabama.
Canon 5d, 17-35L with CPL (at 26mm), ISO 100, 3.0 Seconds @ f22
Mize Mills from the same spot as above…
Canon 5d, 70-200L with CPL (set at 70mm), 1.5 seconds @ f16

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