The best photography gear that is not photography gear



I have had quite a few gear posts to my blog recently. Well… Here is one more.

Winter is on the way out. I am looking forward to spring. Once the temps start warming up and the trees start budding up I will be heading out for a little hiking and camping and a ton of photography. I often plan trips that are not possible or feasible to do without an overnight camping trip. For example, this spring I am planning a trip to a local landmark; it will be a 3-mile walk to the subject. Not very far really; but I want to photograph it just after the sunsets. That makes things a little more difficult. I, generally, do not like, or recommend hiking on unfamiliar trails after dark. It is very easy to get lost, or hurt. So, I will end up making this trip with an overnight stay at the intended photography location. In my youth, I did quite a bit of hiking and camping. It was one of my favorite pastimes.  As I have gotten older, things like a comfortable place to sleep have become far more important to me. I used to use a North Face Tadpole 23 Tent. Which is a legendary tent by itself. A good friend gave it to me when he got to old to go out on the trail any more. I used the hell out of that tent for about 15 years, and it still works as good now as the day I received it. There is only one problem with that tent. I just got tired of lying on the ground with sticks and rocks poking me in the back. camping-002 I ended up buying an ENO Doublenest hammock. One of the best purchases I have ever made. I have used the hammock on nights where the temp has dropped to below 20 degrees, so the hammock works in every camping scenario for me. Granted, you will need a little extra gear if you are sleeping in a hammock below freezing, but it is not that bad, and it is still more comfortable than sleeping on the ground.
There are 2 more pieces of gear that help me get out and be a little more comfortable. You see, I am a coffee fiend. I drink coffee all day. I used to suffer through instant coffee on trips, and I just felt like that was uncivilized. I tried a little drip coffee maker, but I had problems with cold, weak coffee.I stumbled across Snow Peak’s website one day and found their Snow Peak 3 Cup Titanium French Press. Finally I have a way to make amazing coffee on the trail. Add that to the MSR whisper lite stove and making meals and coffee on trail
become very easy. Today I have set up everything, making sure it is all working properly, and that there are no missing parts. Anyway, Just thought I would share 3 pieces of my photography gear that are not photography gear. What gear do you use for photography that is not photography gear?





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