the Rodeo comes to Mountain Home, Arkansas


Andrea and Caitlyn were at the Rodeo in Mountain Home this year helping raise money for Peitz Cancer Support House. They were selling raffle tickets, and the proceeds went to Peitz House. On the second day, I tagged along and brought a camera just to take a few images for fun. The rodeo did not start till after sundown, so that made for some very tough shooting conditions. I was shooting a canon 6d with 300/2.8 and the 85/1.4 L. both fast lenses, but I was still forced to shoot at iso6400.  Even with the ridiculous iso, I was still pretty happy with the results, I probably could have dropped the iso a stop or two when shooting with the 85, but the extra speed gained seemed to give me sharper results over the reduced noise from lower iso. No tripod, just a monopod. It was a fun evening, and we were there supporting a good cause, and I got to have a little fun shooting the rodeo which, by the way, was the first rodeo I have ever been seen.







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