Upper South Caney Falls

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Ok, So I am way behind on my blog… This was from a Sunrise trip to South Caney Creek last fall. Nice  cool walk to the falls, I was met by a medium sized dog just shortly after arriving, and she followed me all the way to the falls. I think that she thought I might giver her a little food… Anyway I have been there several times since and she is always there waiting to walk to the falls with me.

I have to say, this may be one of my favorite falls that I have been to. I just wish the deadfall would rot already so I could get a shot without the fallen tree….

Fall Colors at their peak at South Caney Falls

Here is the trail info. be prepared for a 30-45 min walk one way. maybe a little longer on the way back as there is a little more uphill coming back.

View South Caney Creek Upper Falls in a larger map


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