Photographing Black Bears in Smokies

The Great Smoky Mountains is a very special place. I took the opportunity¬†to spend a week camping in the Great Smoky Mountain National¬†Park. My main goal during this trip was to see some bears and hopefully get close enough to photograph them (without getting too close, of course). The early summer is a very active […]

Shooting Film – The Analog Camera

I started my journey in photography in High School. I took a darkroom class my junior year, and instantly clicked. I spent my junior and senior year in the darkroom, managed to build my own darkroom that I set up in the bathroom – much to my wife’s dismay. I still shoot and process film, […]

Waterfall below Mirror Lake, Blanchard Springs Arkansas

I took a trip to Blanchard Springs this week. I have heard about the waterfalls below Mirror Lake, and have been looking for an opportunity to go see them for sometime. I was surprised to discover the ruins of an old mill near the waterfall. Mirror Lake is actually a man made lake. with a […]

Floodgates open on Norfork Dam

I have lived here for close to 3 years now, and have never had the opportunity to see the floodgates open on any of the local dams. We have had quite a bit of rain, and today the floodgates were opened. Around 4pm they opened the floodgates, and i heard about it through facebook. It […]

Photographing Thunderstorms

  Warmer weather brings all the things that photographers typically love. The flowers are starting to come up and trees are quickly turning green. In this area of the country, it also brings the threat of severe weather. Photographing weather can be a challenging and fun pursuit, but I can also be very dangerous. Before […]

Photographing Bald Eagles on the White River

The weather has been really crappy here lately. There has been a little too much snow and ice, and now that is has warmed up a bit, there has been non-stop rain. Today was the first day that the rainy trend ended. Clear blue sky day. What better to do than go and watch the […]

Elk fight in Boxley Valley

I went out to Ponca this morning for a day of Elk photography and Fall color shooting. We arrived in Ponca/Boxley Valley area about 15 minutes before 7 am. It was still very dark, We could not see anything really. We managed to find one fair sized herd of elk, but since it was so […]

Photographing Hawksbill Crag aka Whitaker Point

          Over the last weekend I spent a little time in Boxley Valley, near Ponca, Arkansas. One of the most photographed rocks in Arkansas, Hawksbill Crag (otherwise known as Whitaker Point), is a landmark of the Buffalo River and a favorite hike among many. Our goal was to get some Milky […]