More from the Bald Eagles in Mountain Home, Arkansas

  Over the past couple of weeks, we have had many nice warm, sunny days. Perfect for watching and photographing eagles. I have spent a few evenings waiting around the nest to catch a few shots of them flying in, bringing food for the chicks. We have heard a chorus of eaglets drop to just […]

Continuing from last years project

Last year, I started a long term project photographing all of the interesting things that I could find growing around my house. I chose a simple black background to make the subjects stand out. If you want to see what I captured last year when I started this project, click here. Spring is finally starting […]

Lemonade, anyone?

      Sometimes, it seems, the world is just out to get you. There is just no escaping it. All of the plans set in advance just wiped away by a single tree that falls in the woods. I have been planning to hike to a particular creek in the Ozark National Forrest for […]

Amazing Sky

    Quick post. I was out driving around last week, and there were some really awesome clouds. I could not help but stop and grab a few shots.    

Eagle’s nest in Mountain Home, Arkansas

Since I have moved here, I have been hearing that there are bald eagles that winter here. I have been looking for their nest since. I finally found it Yesterday! The light was horrible, heavy overcast and very dark…. but my goal out was just to find the nest. It was so dark i was […]

Making star trails at night.

    Making star trail images is always fun. They are time consuming and complicated to make but it is also difficult to find an interesting composition. For it to work, you really need to find a subject that is interesting just by itself, and gives the image a strong anchor. It helps if the […]

Photographing Eagles at Reelfoot Lake

        Honestly, I love to photograph anything. The more challenging the subject the better, but anything will do. Huntsville Alabama has a very active population of photographers. I was involved in a few groups, and had quite a few friends that were also photographers. There was always something going on, always someone […]